Are you making these classic CV mistakes?

  Amanda   |   12th February 2021 - 5 min read

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We all know what a bad CV looks like. Don’t we? In SchemeServe’s current state of ‘constant hiring’, our Chief Technical Officer got thinking about what makes some CVs stand out, and what makes others… a bit lacklustre. Are you making any of these classic mistakes?

Being a bit too much ‘yourself’.

You’re a total hoot, right? We love seeing the stuff that makes you unique, we’re hiring the person AND the skill-set. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should list out your top 100 Anime films, or turn up to an interview dressed as a cowboy. It does mean we want to see you passionate, we want to see what gets you fired up! Whether that’s historical reenactments, heavy metal or kittens. Shout about what makes you special… but try not to shout so loud it gives us a hernia.

Letting it get out of date.

If we can see that it’s been four years since you last edited your CV – it’s not a good start. Check those tiny things before you send it, is the address correct? Contact number? Is the photo recent? Ensuring your CV is up-to-date tells us you’ve put care and effort into applying for the position. It also shows us you’ve got an attention to detail, and reassures us that when it comes to checking your own work, you can at least do the basics.

Including run-on sentences, long phrases, or general waffle about stuff that interests you but might not really interest you you just think it would be good to talk about… etc. etc.

A company that’s hiring will often have hundreds of applications to go through. Keep your CV to 2 pages long, tops! Make it concise, use short sentences, and get to the point ASAP. This keeps our attention, and stops our minds wandering!

Using a complicated format.

Keep your layout clear and simple. This ensures readability, and is easy on the eyes (for us seasoned CV readers!).

Listing just… too many skills.

Clearly outline your main skills that you can bring to the role.
For technical roles, list the tech that you’re either extremely competent on, or an expert. Listing every piece of software you’ve ever seen, will simply show you as a jack of all trades. Tailor your CV to display the technologies, or resources, the position requires.
Try not to list obsolete tech, even if everyone thinks dinosaurs are great, no one wants to hire one.
Don’t include overly simple skills, these will, if anything, detract from how proficient you come across.

Sending it as a Word doc.

It’s easy to forget, but saving your CV as a PDF means it will look much cleaner, and can be viewed online without having to download it. Very handy for those short of time!

Calling it ‘my_cv_final’.

Give your CV a name that has reference to you, and includes today’s date. That way the company know its yours, and how recent it is. Calling your CV “resume.pdf” or “my_cv_final_verion_v2_final.pdf” can look clumsy and amateur. You want to look so professional it hurts. Start here.

Submitting your application more than once.

We get it, it’s weirdly reassuring to doubly/triply make sure your application was sent. However, it actually works against you. Noticing duplicates of your application, can come across as annoying or over enthusiastic. Try to send just once. Then walk away.

Following these quick tips, are a great way to convey a professional image and increase the chances of scoring an interview. Find our vacancies on our Careers page, HERE.

We’ll look out for you! 😉

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