Back in training – Nice weather for it!

  Simonx   |   19th April 2018 - 2 min read

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Colin is back in the saddle.  The events season is back with us again and it’s  time for him to step up with some serious training.  Colin tells me that he is hoping to do a long distance off road event this year.  Mountain biking is really his thing and there is an event  in aid of the British Heart Foundation, which he is hoping to take part in. 

“The off road tracks are still very wet and muddy so the bike needed a really good clean after this training” Colin told me. “I am really spoilt  by all of the areas that I have around me, I have miles and miles of these tracks on my door step.  This weekend I was in North Fambridge, Essex.  There was only one very remote house in site” said Colin.  

Will report back as the months pass by and Colin selects the events he is taking part in this year.

Very wet and muddy tracks
Very wet and muddy tracks
Only one lonely house in sight

Simon Cowling

Simon spent over 10 years programming from behind a keyboard, before transitioning across to management. A keen adrenaline junkie, whether that involves going up the mountain or over the edge of the cliff. He learned his management skills not just in the I.T world but also running youth camps and conferences, helping teenagers find a footing in life. He also really likes pie.

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