What have we learned about GDPR just over a year on?

25th June 2019

Happy birthday GDPR! Well, the implementation date for General Data Protection Regulation occurred

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We’re all connected but it makes us vulnerable to a collective and vicious malware attack

7th May 2019

A disturbing report by Lloyds of London* has highlighted that several industry sectors

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Data Protection advice in the event of leaving the EU with No Deal

26th April 2019

The Government has released guidance on the amendments to UK data protection law

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Hiscox cyber attack report has stark warning for SMEs

23rd April 2019

We often write about the dangers and risks of cyber-attacks but Hiscox’s annual

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Why an innocent Facebook quiz can lead to a security breach

16th April 2019

Which celebrity most suits your personality? If you were a dog, what breed

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The 9/11 security incident shows cyber-attacks will continue to be a threat in 2019 and beyond

7th January 2019

We’re not even a month into 2019 and already the threat of a

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