What your business can learn from the British Airways hack debacle

23rd October 2018

It’s been a couple of months since British Airways’ website was hacked and

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How safe is my money and data?

2nd October 2018

These days you’d find it difficult to meet someone who doesn’t have some

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Is your company prepared to deal with ghost brokers?

18th September 2018

Ghost broking is by no means a new concept, but the practice has

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Why you should value big data

7th August 2018

Keeping data can be a cumbersome experience. What’s more, you have to keep

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5 Ways blockchain can help the insurance industry

26th June 2018

Blockchain is no longer just a buzzword for those dabbling in cryptocurrencies such

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How insurers are dealing with FIFA World Cup 2018 risks

19th June 2018

This week I thought I’d depart from the usual blog about technology, GDPR

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