The benefits of blockchain and smart contracts for your insurance business

31st July 2018

Smart contracts are just that – smart! Well, the reason why they are

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Why you should consider selling drone insurance

2nd July 2018

Drones – also referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – are aircraft

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Interesting and honest view in Insurance Age on why brokers need to innovate

12th June 2018

Insurance Age today published an article on a discussion he had about brokers

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How SchemeServe makes your data easy to view

5th June 2018

Data, the way it’s designed, laid out and consumed, is becoming a vital

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Price vs. service: why brokers can still come out tops

3rd April 2018

The internet gives consumers the ability to easily shop around, compare prices and

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zombies in the street

Are you ready for a zombie takeover?

12th March 2018

The zombies are coming but being prepared an attack where a half dead

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