Investment or starting from scratch – what’s the best way to get into fintech?

20th November 2018

Investments in the fintech space are booming. If you’re in the business of

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Aspirational insurance is the future but do you have the technology and the resources to support it?

12th November 2018

Over the years, insurance companies have typically paid out when something’s gone wrong.

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Is your company prepared to deal with ghost brokers?

18th September 2018

Ghost broking is by no means a new concept, but the practice has

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Are you geared up to develop better insurance products?

11th September 2018

Back in March this year we wrote about the need for innovation. We

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What MGAs and brokers should be able to do when it comes to implementing the right IT

4th September 2018

Paper has been forced out at Lloyd’s of London which is now seeing

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The benefits of blockchain and smart contracts for your insurance business

31st July 2018

Smart contracts are just that – smart! Well, the reason why they are

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