Why you should value big data

7th August 2018

Keeping data can be a cumbersome experience. What’s more, you have to keep

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The benefits of blockchain and smart contracts for your insurance business

31st July 2018

Smart contracts are just that – smart! Well, the reason why they are

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6 Reasons why your insurance brokerage needs a good website

9th July 2018

If you don’t have a website, you are truly missing out because according

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Cyber attacks by criminals or human error – which is the greatest threat?

18th May 2018

A cyber attack sounds more ‘glamourous’ as an explanation for downtime than simple

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Should you feel threatened by direct insurers?

16th April 2018

These days it’s very simple for customers to jump ship to another insurance

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Price vs. service: why brokers can still come out tops

3rd April 2018

The internet gives consumers the ability to easily shop around, compare prices and

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