Finding the key to Schemes Innovation

8th June 2018

Insurance Times published an interview with John Price, SchemeServes COO, on finding the key to Schemes Innovation, during which John talked about how it’s more important than ever for brokers to embrace technology. He goes on to say:

“The schemes that really harness technology well are the hot ones right now. Brokers know that to hit the sweet spot on schemes, the cover has to be specifically tailored and marketed in the right way! – That’s old news. The way to beating the competition right now is in the delivery and service. Insurtech and an effective online quote and buy platform in particular, plays a key role here. We know from experience that what holds brokers back from embracing Insurtech fully is largely misconception. As Insurtech providers we need to do more to educate brokers of the benefits and dispel the myths. In due diligence, I once had a broker ask for evidence of how many fire extinguishers we have in our building and where they are located. As a cloud based tech provider the mind boggles to begin to explain what’s wrong with that!! Legacy and costs are other examples. Look at some reliable cloud based technology and none of these issues make innovation inaccessible.“

The full article is available on Insurance Times website, here

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