Funny Insurance Claims and other Stories

3rd December 2018

The beginning of January can be a really interesting time for claims handlers - Well I think so, mainly because of the inevitable strange and funny claims that you get to read for events that happened over Christmas. Now I know they are not funny to the individuals involved, but I still can't help but smile when I read some of these. Please don't try to recreate some of these scenarios at home!

'I opened the oven, armed with a baster and a pair of oven gloves, but the turkey was heavier than I expected and it flew out of the oven on to the floor. We had a lovely meal, but the carpet was ruined.'

'I got up on Christmas morning to make the Christmas dinner, only to see that the freezer had defrosted on its own.'

'While moving furniture around for Christmas dinner, I tripped over the plug when carrying the TV set and dropped it in the fireplace.'

'I was on the way to the doctors with rear-end trouble when my universal joint gave way.'

'As I turned the ignition key, I glanced at my mother-in-law and headed over the embankment.'

An Indiana man driving home from Christmas shopping was behind a car with a Christmas tree attached to the roof when all of a sudden the tree slid off and came crashing through his windshield. The other driver sped off and the police ended up telling him he might as well keep the tree. A free tree and a brand new windshield…not a bad Christmas.

John Porter had some pipes in his home freeze one winter. Anxious to unfreeze them, John backed his car up to an open window so that the exhaust would warm up the house...... and involve a trip for his whole family to hospital suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

One freezing cold winter morning and unable to start his car, George diagnosed the problem as a frozen fuel line which he thought he could correct by running warm petrol through it. He then tried to heat a two-litre can of petrol on his gas stove in the kitchen.... Boom!

A clever lawyer bought a pack of cigars and had them insured against all sorts of catastrophes including floods, storms, and of course fire. A few months later he filed a claim saying his cigars had all disappeared in a series of 'small fires'. The insurance company correctly assumed that he had smoked them and told him to get lost. The judge, however, forced the insurance company to pay up because they didn’t specify the type or size of fire in the contract.

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