Build yourself

Master Schemeserve and deliver insurance software solutions without the middle man. Our Obsessive Support Team are on hand to provide expert assistance in web design, search optimisation or managing your marketing online.

We’ll support you to take control of your business’ growth.

Build your own products. SchemeServe is easy-to-use and intuitive, with technical training to enable you to start building along with ongoing support. We won’t redirect you to a call centre, or leave you with an automated voice, our Obsessive Support Team are available directly to deal with your query there and then.

Build availability and reliability into your schemes.

  • We build redundancy & stability into every SchemeServe feature.
  • Every software release is rigorously tested by our well-equipped team of experienced Software QA staff and Automation Engineers.
  • We provide maximum software availability at all times, with 99.99% uptime.

Manage existing products with ease

  • Take control via a backend Content Management System.
  • Add and edit new content on your site effortlessly.
  • Launch unlimited white-label versions of products.
  • Easy reporting, data management, and staff accessibility.

Full training for all aspects of SchemeServe

  • Scheme creation.
  • Policy generation.
  • Renewal management.
  • Reporting.

Obsessive Support

Scheme building can be complex, our Wunderwriters are all ex-underwriters, with the technological skills of professional web designers. If you need someone who knows the industry, our Wunderwriters are second-to-none. Our Wunderwriterstm will expertly build everything, to your needs. See built for you for more information.

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