Carbon Neutral Commitment

There is a huge need to reduce global carbon emissions to prevent irreversible climate change. SchemeServe is committed to playing its part in reducing the risks, as well as helping to fund re-wilding projects across the UK, and further afield.

SchemeServe has already made an intentional choice to become greener by moving to a full-time remote working environment. One recent study found that 98% of a person’s carbon emissions incurred at work were caused by their commute, so we are proud that we have been able to flourish in these uncertain times, whilst keeping our carbon footprint at a minimum. Other benefits in a remote working environment include a decrease in convenience food bought, and packaging used, as well as a decrease in energy costs accrued by the office building through heat, light as well as large printers and scanners.

Working full-time from home, we ask all employees to use energy saving lightbulbs, and recycle paper (if at all used for business).

Employees do not use air travel for business, and only very occasionally use their personal cars for business meetings (in fact there have been no face-to-face meetings April 2020 – Mar 2021).

Meetings with customers are now conducted 100% virtually, and will remain virtual going forward.

All SchemeServe employees travel to one Team Day per year in the UK, averaging around 50 miles per employee who all use their own personal cars or National Rail (bar one international employee who must use air travel).

By calculating our carbon footprint we have ascertained that SchemeServe has an output of 1.246 tonnes CO2e per year.

  • Flights; 0.59 tonnes of CO2e
  • Car & Van; 0.14 tonnes of CO2e
  • Vehicle Fuel; 0.43 tonnes of CO2e
  • Bus & Rail; 0.08 tonnes of CO2e

Through Carbon Footprint Ltd, we are proud to say we have offset these emissions by funding re-wilding and tree planting initiatives in the UK and consider ourselves a carbon neutral company. Please see certificate attached.

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