Aqueous Underwritng

Making The Complex, Simple

New startup, Aqueous Underwriting pride themselves on providing solutions to their broker network. They have an expansive appetite for niche products presented in plain English.

What was needed?

User friendly, intuitive technology was vital to their offering. They needed complex products presented in a simple, accessible fashion. They would need multiple versions of each product per channel; white labelled and easily configurable. CEO, Danny Keating felt this would enable them to offer “faster than ever response times and market leading levels of support.” 

What SchemeServe did…

We assigned Aqueous their very own Wunderwriter and went about project planning delivery of their full product range. We worked closely with them on their concept designs to ensure they were client friendly. The end result has been a huge success.

“Together we have built a highly intelligent, bespoke solution for our needs and the needs of our brokers, one that is fully FCA compliant, and has been through our rigorous due diligence testing.” says Danny. “Our brokers now have a simple to use interface for improved access to Aqueous schemes, the feedback on which has been tremendous.”
Danny French, CEO, Аqueousuw