Craft Insurance

Unrivalled Speed To Market

Craft Insurance are a family-run business providing specialist cover to the craft sector. Based near Bournemouth, they’ve been insuring crafters for more than two decades. Owner, Ian Wallace, wanted to retire and hand the business down to his two daughters. Manual processes were preventing the business from scaling though. Ian explained that “whilst workable” his solution was “cumbersome and needed a boost”.

What was needed ?

Ian needed a light touch quote-and-buy journey that provided terms and took payments. Christmas trade was vital, but his existing software providers couldn’t meet for months. Hiscox recommended Ian speak to us on account of our infamous speed to market. 

What SchemeServe Did…

Our Scheme Tailors sprung to life. The specification from Hiscox was second-to-none, which enabled work to begin immediately. We began on the Monday and by Friday afternoon, we were demonstrating the working scheme. A few final tweaks and Ian was ready to begin trading in less than 10 days!

The Result

Going online immediately generated a 70% increase in quote volumes. Ian now spends more time to spend on the golf course; safe in the knowledge that the business he built is in good hands.

“Since joining SchemeServe, we have seen our market penetration increase dramatically,” Ian explained. “I wish we had found SchemeServe earlier. They are a revelation!”
Ian Wallace, Owner, Craft Insurance