Automating Key Processes

Towergate are an undeniable behemoth within the UK insurance market. As the biggest scheme broker in the UK, they transact more than £1bn across 400+ scheme products.

What was needed?

Oxted, one of 100+ branches nationwide, needed a faster means of issuing quotes. Staff used manual processes and underwriting guides with over reliance on user accuracy. SchemeServe proved  a solution capable of automating these processes and increasing efficiency. 

What SchemeServe Did…

Several weeks of face to face visits began, to capture details of the product’s design. The question set agreed on-site with rules and rating added thereafter. 

The Result

“SchemeServe worked with me to scope our product” says Senior Underwriter, Gavin Hyett. “As former underwriters; they understood the complexities of the product almost immediately.”

Extensive user testing began, the product evolving as new time savings became possible. Despite this, Towergate were live trading the three months after signing.

“SchemeServe did what they said they would. Our team can now issue quotes quickly and without fear of user error. Gone are underwriting guides and double keying. We’ve now won back time to spend engaging with our valued customers.”
Mark Dyke, Sales Director, Towergate