How embracing technology during the Covid-19 crisis is helping insurers to gradually improve their image

2nd April 2020

Who would’ve thought a couple of months ago that we would find ourselves

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Why we believe full remote working is always better

19th March 2020

All over the world companies are (whether they like it or not) embracing

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How criminals are taking advantage of the Coronavirus scaremongering

3rd March 2020

You’d have to be living in a cave not to have heard about

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How can UX design help to add value to your business?

12th February 2020

The term ‘UX design’ stands for user experience. It can sound really complex

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Why finding new ways to tackle flooding is so important for the insurance industry

7th February 2020

The potential for flooding claims is on the rise now that we’re facing

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Why more insurers should join forces with smart technology companies to prevent escape of water claims

28th January 2020

Experiencing bad weather is an inevitable part of living in Britain. Storms and

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