Why more insurers should join forces with smart technology companies to prevent escape of water claims

28th January 2020

Experiencing bad weather is an inevitable part of living in Britain. Storms and

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6 Ways our homes are becoming ‘smarter’ and why insurers must understand this tech

21st January 2020

Our homes are getting smarter. This means that the technology that we’re fitting

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What new technology can we expect in 2020?

7th January 2020

This week we’ve seen the start of CES a technology trade summit organised

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5 Workplace gadgets that will improve productivity and could even boost happiness in the office

11th December 2019

We spend a lot of time in the office – a reported 3,515

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Can we trust Amazon drones?

20th November 2019

There may soon be more than birds and aeroplanes to spot if online

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Are you ready to offer a pick and mix insurance subscription product?

12th November 2019

Subscription services have become rather popular. Netflix, Spotify and Hello Fresh are just

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