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If you’re an insurance agent or broker, you’ve just found the software you were looking for. The internet and mobile technology has changed consumer behaviour, presenting new challenges to the insurance agencies in the insurance sector, and brokers in particular. But rather than see this as a threat, these challenges offer great opportunities for the modern broker.

At SchemeServe, we deliver the tools for your growth, helping you realise your company’s full potential.

Meeting Agent’s Expectation

Never before has technology evolved at such a pace; altering the very fabric of our culture. As mobile technology and cloud-computing continue to develop, so the ease with which consumers can search, research, and purchase insurance increases.

Your customers expect products and services that are delivered and supported with ease, convenience, and efficiency.  

SchemeServe’s Insurance Agents Software delivers the speed and responsiveness you need to meet these modern expectations. Providing cloud-based solutions tailored to the needs of your business and client-base; driving efficiency and enhanced productivity in your business.

Automation for Insurance Brokers

Automation is not the replacement of essential services. It’s a means to enhance the efficiencies of your business, and to allow you the time to focus on client engagement and business development. To showcase your expertise, and deliver schemes that meet modern demands.

The SchemeServe insurance software for brokers and agents puts the relationships with your customers front and centre.

From the ability to rate and underwrite complex schemes with ease, to automated back office accounting, and the

Supercharge Your Business Now


We use ex-underwriters and insurance specialists in our Obsessive Support(tm) team so we speak your language.

Obsessive Support™

No request is too great; we know you need a quick and measured response to stay agile and move your business forward.

ISO Level Security

Security & Data Availability are at the core of our platform development and staff training programmes.

99.99% Up Time

Our platform uptime is second-to-none and uptime history available for your persual at any time.

What our clients say

Easy to change and instantly scaleable
“We were attracted to SchemeServe by the instant scaleability of the system. We can have a basic small scheme for PD or a highly complex question set for PII. We control the questions and matrix so changes take minutes not days.”

John Levett

MD, Monitor Insurance

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