You can access a WORLD of information with SchemeServe, enabling you to generate policies and produce attractive, accurate reports instantly. Combine information from multiple databases, whilst storing and protecting your data from security breaches.

Rapid delivery of products to market.

  • Create multi-tier networks of branded portals which form the foundation, the sales funnels and the search-engine machine for your enterprise. This means you don't need to wait for distribution to happen organically!
  • SchemeServe comes with as much support as you require*. The Wunderwriters are on hand to create products for you, and then train you to use them. Get help from experts, and hit the ground running.
  • You can use existing workflows to create documents, or call your dedicated Wunderwriter to create what you need, and save yourself time.
  • Ratings can be changed manually in a matter of minutes, more action, and less faffing around!
  • Tailored solutions enhance your brand and engage your clients, as well as capitalising on new opportunities.

The most relevant information you need, on-hand.

  • Analyse trends using MI so you can be more proactive.
  • Interrogate other databases.
  • SchemeServe ensures a constant flow of information between regulators, insurers and intermediaries, giving you all the most relevant information on-hand.
  • Harness in-depth reporting of all aspects of your strategy from a central location where data is collated from unlimited sites, brands, brokers and introducers.

World-class and efficient business management.

  • SchemeServe's software and online services are designed to drive your business forward, with a scale and adaptability to cope with the demands of the future.
  • Store virtually unlimited documents securely online, and keep everything you need in one place.
  • You can record voice calls, store images and other file types within your customer records, so you don't waste time rooting around trying to find something.
  • For established MGAs: SchemeServe can help streamline and modernise your business operations with newly automated processes in reporting, underwriting, and client management.
  • For new MGAs: SchemeServe is your perfect partner to help you establish an efficient, highly-productive and profit focused infrastructure, removing administrative pressures so that you can work on developing and growing your business.

We won’t let you down.

SchemeServe operates across multiple data centres, and offers the highest level of security to your data with up-to-the-minute backups on all transactions, additional back-ups made weekly, and all stored at an off-site location and tested regularly.

This means you can relax, and concentrate on what matters.

Data remains secure, so you remain compliant.

  • Our business processes are compliant to ISO standard 9001:2015.
  • Our hosting is provided by the power of Microsoft.
  • Our networks are subject to rigorous third-party audits such as those done by the British Standards Institute.
  • SchemeServe ensures that data is only accessed by authorised users, which means you can rest easy and know your data is safe with us.

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