Disappointment Insurance for the World Cup? England Lose Again.

  Simonx   |   26th June 2014 - 5 min read

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England is out of the World Cup. A group of death against Italy, Uruguay, and Costa Rica left the country with a measly point and on the plane home with their fellow Europeans; the Italians. Here at SchemeServe we’re hoping that things will be better for the European Cup in two years’ time – it would be hard to see how they could be worse anyway.

No Disappointment Insurance?

The Chinese insurer, Ancheng Insurance, launched some special insurance packages for the World Cup. Chief amount them was a disappointment policy. For the huge sum of 8 RMB (that’s about 75 pence) they were offering coverage to certain team’s fans if their club should head for an early bath. The policy’s pay out was limited to a maximum of 49 RMB (just less than a fiver).

Unfortunately, not even Ancheng was prepared to safeguard England fans; the policy was only open to fans of Holland, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Argentina.

In fact there are rumors that company representatives laughed at England fans who phone to try and take out a policy. We can see that their risk-management team probably called that right in the aftermath of the event.

Whacky Insurance for the World Cup

It also took the Chinese, this time in the form of Zhong’An Insurance, to offer a couple of other peculiar policies on the World Cup.

The first was “World Cup Hooligan Insurance” in essence a policy that offers compensation if you are beaten up or robbed due to football related violence. We think that given this policy is only on offer in China – their money is reasonably safe. Premiums would probably have been much higher in Millwall. The maximum payout under the policy is a healthy 10,000 RMB which is equivalent to 6 months+ wages for a minimum wage earner in China.

The second is our favorite. You may not be aware of this but the Chinese are quite ambitious drinkers and traditionally you fill a glass with baijiu (a sorghum based spirit – mildly reminiscent of paint stripper in taste) and then shout “gan bei” (literally “finish glass”) before downing the whole thing in one and repeating as often as possible.

So Zhong’An are offering Chinese football fans coverage against “World Cup Over-Consumption” anyone who drinks so much that they get acute alcohol poisoning is in a position to make a claim.

What makes these policies particularly odd, is that the Chinese themselves didn’t qualify for the World Cup. They’ve only done so once (back in 2002). However, as a pragmatic people it’s clearly not going to stop the Chinese from getting in on the world cup party.

Back in England, we’ll be nursing our World Cup hangovers much earlier than we’d hoped for. Is there a British insurer willing to step up to the plate for the European Cup and offer similar insurance packages?

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