Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to use SchemeServe?

You can see what our different price plans include on our Pricing page HERE.

If you’d like to talk in more detail, please give our Sales Team a call on(0)208 0880 672, or email us HERE.

Didn’t you used to be ADM Network?

You may occasionally find reference to ‘ADM Network’. We’ve been building web-based and financial software since 1995; and were originally incorporated as ADM Network Ltd in 2000. Now, we are only known as SchemeServe, but you may find the odd references to ‘ADM’ around!

Are you Carbon Neutral?

There is a huge need to reduce global carbon emissions to prevent irreversible climate change. SchemeServe is committed to playing its part in reducing the risks, as well as helping to fund re-wilding projects across the UK, and further afield.

SchemeServe has already made an intentional choice to become greener by moving to a full-time remote working environment. Benefits of a remote working environment include a decrease in convenience food bought, and packaging used, as well as a decrease in energy costs accrued by the office building through heat, light as well as large printers and scanners. Working full-time from home, we ask all employees to use energy saving lightbulbs, and recycle paper (if at all used for business).

By calculating our carbon footprint we have ascertained that SchemeServe has an output of 1.246 tonnes CO2e per year.

  • Flights; 0.59 tonnes of CO2e
  • Car & Van; 0.14 tonnes of CO2e
  • Vehicle Fuel; 0.43 tonnes of CO2e
  • Bus & Rail; 0.08 tonnes of CO2e

Through Carbon Footprint Ltd, we are proud to say we have offset these emissions by funding re-wilding and tree planting initiatives in the UK and consider ourselves a carbon neutral company.

What’s with the purple top hats?

We took inspiration from this cartoon of the founding of Lloyds coffee shop in the 17th Century. To us, the top hats in this image signify change and growth… and we just really like purple.

lloyds - insurance broker software
How can you build sites so quickly, when others takes months?

We have a special breed of site builders, that we call Wunderwriters. 
They live on a diet entirely consisting of purple things, since this makes them work faster.

Monday -Blackcurrant juice and plums.

Tuesday – Only the purple jelly babies.

Wednesday – Red cabbage (which everyone knows is really purple).

Thursday – Prunes (this is probably the roughest day, and the real reason we converted to remote-working).

Friday – Beetroot.

What kind of changes can we make ourselves?

The real question is, ‘what changes can’t you make yourselves?’.
You can change almost everything – your SchemeServe documents, rates, rules, terms, endorsement, letters, users, agents, site colours …

Can I white label my ‘quote and buy’ website to other people/affiliates?

Frankly, we don’t mind what colour you paint it, but you can certainly share your scheme with whoever you want.
Other brokers, marketing groups, affiliates, the milkman … it’s up to you!

Are you able to do a data transfer from my legacy system?

Ah, that old chestnut. In short, heck yes.

We have a purpose built case importer that does the job automatically, we can even show you a bit of DIY with some test data – no obligation!

You’ve said I can call a Wunderwriter directly, is that really true?


We know that having a reliable expert on the end of the phone is helpful and important to you. That’s why we make sure our Wunderwriters are experts in their field (they’re ex-underwriters and web design wizards), and available directly.

How safe is my data with SchemeServe?

We ensure that your data is as secure as humanly possible, and strongly defended. We have a multitude of strict processes and security measures to protect your data.

Data storage systems comply to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and 2 and UK G-Cloud.

SchemeServe operates on multiple servers within the UK and across Europe. Should one server or datacentre fail, your system will be unaffected.

At SchemeServe we’re proud to be data compliant to ISO standard 9001:2015. Our system is regularly scanned to ensure both ongoing compliance, and that all facets of the software are up-to-date.

SchemeServe provides a robust disaster recovery process in the unlikely event of a major catastrophe. Stored and encrypted within a cloud-server, your data will be protected and safe, and able to be retrieved from any location, by only authorised users.

Our networks are subject to rigorous third-party audits such as those done by the British Standards Institute.

For more information please see our Security page.

What does ‘cloud-based’ mean?

Very simply, ‘cloud-based technology’ is a way of using programs, software and information that are stored on the internet, rather than on your computer.

The main advantage of being ‘cloud-based’ is accessibility – you can access whatever you need, whenever you need it, from any device.

Sounds fancy, actually very straight-forward.

Why should we choose you?

Without becoming too salesy… here are a few things that make SchemeServe different from other insurance software providers.

  • We prioritise humans. It’s very easy to take the humanity out of the insurance industry. It can seem dry and cold, and often we forget that the people we’re talking to are just like us. We are a family-orientated team, and we focus on building brilliant relationships with our customers. This is why we have ‘Human’ as one of our Core Values, and why we make sure you can get in touch with someone DIRECTLY. We want to talk to you, funnily enough! No, we’re not huge, but we wouldn’t want to be. We want to ensure we don’t lose our warmth, and always prioritise the person behind the task.
  • We’ve been at the forefront of a revolution in the insurance industry for 20 years. And we’re not stopping there! Innovation is key to what makes SchemeServe exciting, and we are consistently developing our platform to make it better for you.
  • We’re privately owned by our founder, and have never taken outside investment. We relish and make use of this freedom. Sometimes leaving money on the table is the right thing to do.

I’m feeling a bit flat today, can you show me something fun?
dog-bread - insurtech
I’m just a general broker, is SchemeServe really suitable for me?

Absolutely.  In fact we’re surprised you’re asking.

Who wouldn’t want access to exclusive products and exclusive rates, that are better and usually cheaper than open market alternatives? 

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