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SchemeServe is full-to-busting with features to make your life easier.

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Ratings & underwriting

Complex schemes made simple. Full automation, and the freedom to respond quickly to real-time data.

Automate all policy aspects in the life cycle; rate, rule, create, auto-generate documents and apply endorsements … basically have a sit down and put the kettle on.

underwriting insurance software

Digit accounting suite

Tired of wasting time and money on third-party accounting software? We've got you covered.

We've designed an Accounting Suite specifically to manage reconciliation between insurance intermediaries and insurers.

insurance accounting software

Policy administration

Free up the time to grow your business. We deliver fully automated software; no more keying in the same data over and over… phew!

Automate your most common actions, and edit them whenever you need.

uk insurance software policy administration


SchemeServe has been proven to drastically reduce the time spent creating accurate and relevant reports. Don't forget, if reporting isn't your thing, our Wunderwriters are available directly to support you.

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Client management

Handle client-related services all in one place. Schemeserve keeps all client data 100% secure, as well as providing insights into the changing needs of your customers.​

Developer APIs

Visit our public API specification, or contact our Support Team. We’re always on hand to help you with your project.

Our API allows developers to quickly and simply integrate any existing software with SchemeServe.

insurance software apis


Need the highest level of security, scalability and compliance? We got it.

We use multiple servers across the UK and Europe, which means if one server or data centre should fail, your system will remain unaffected.

insurance software security

Custom design & integrations

Tailor your schemes to meet your needs, and style your SchemeServe site to look like your brand. If you haven't got time, our Wunderwriters are on hand to do it for you!

customisable insurance saas

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