SchemeServe cloud insurance software empowers your business with reliable tech’ tools, enabling you to launch insurance websites for desktop and mobile. Multiply your time, capacity, resources and storage with ongoing support from our Obsessive Support team.

Ratings and underwriting

SchemeServe rates and underwrites with speed and accuracy, on the most complex schemes. We deliver a responsive service to your customers, and new levels of productivity for your business.

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Policy administration

SchemeServe delivers fully-automated insurance management software, freeing up time to engage and support your clients, build your brand, and grow your business. No more keying in the same data multiple times.

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Client management

SchemeServe enables you to handle client-related services easily, and all in one place. Schemeserve keeps all client data 100% safe and secure, as well as providing insights into the changing needs of your clients.

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SchemeServe drives greater efficiency into your business. Deliver robust and secure accounting with crucial benefits; greater productivity, exceptional simplicity and stress-free service in all areas of your business.

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Report writing is here to stay, whether it’s internally or for clients and partners. SchemeServe drastically reduces time spent creating accurate and relevant reports, whether you choose to build your own or use your dedicated Wunderwriter.

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SchemeServe offers the highest level of security, scalability and compliance through our market-leading, cloud-based platform.

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Custom design & integrations

SchemeServe gives you, the user, complete control. We enable you to tailor your schemes to meet your individual needs, and save you time in the process. If you haven't got time, our Wunderwriters are on hand to do it for you!

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Developer APIs

To start integrating and extending SchemeServe, visit our public API specification. For more information or to ask us a question, contact our team today. Visit https://support.schemeserve.com to create a new Obsessive Support request. We’re always on hand to help you with your project.

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Accelerate your business' growth.SchemeServe is agile and reactive, and can adapt to market changes instantly rather than waiting weeks or...
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Rapid delivery of products to market.Create multi-tier networks of branded portals which form the foundation, the sales funnels and the...
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Customer focused technology.Our features enables you to give customers a seamless digital journey to buy insurance. Less hassle. More time to do...
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