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Digit Accounting Suite

Accounting for MGAs, brokers and insurers – made simple.

insurance accounting software

No more ‘double keying’ or duplicating work

Bank time and money by avoiding the use of third-party software.

Flexibility in how you withdraw your commission

Decide on a per scheme basis whether to withdraw your commission when the premium is paid, or when the transaction is settled to the insurer.

Granular permissions

Amend how much power each user has when they’re using Digit.

accounting software for insurers

Activity log

Filter by date, time and client to see transactions within a certain period, as well as viewing the most recent transactions at a glance.

View Trial Summary and Trial Balance

With the click of a button.


Trade in any currency and Digit will do the rest.

Adjustment Tolerances

Manage adjustment tolerances on transactions per user, per scheme.

Export all transactions

As well as your Trial Summary and Trial Balance to PDF or CSV.

Refund an Agent

Easily refund an agent outside of a transaction if needed.

insurance accounting platform

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A few other things we are proud of…:)

insurance accounting software

Bulletproof Uptime

Make use of a platform that boasts 99.99% uptime (that’s a downtime of 4 minutes a month).

plug and play insurance software

Hot on GDPR

Rest easy knowing your data is safe in the hands of a fully GDPR compliant company (who’s been doing this more than 21 years!).

cloud based insurance software


We’re totally cloud-based which means our platform can be accessed any time, on the train or in the bath!

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