Client management

SchemeServe enables you to handle client-related services easily, and all in one place. Schemeserve keeps all client data 100% safe and secure, as well as providing insights into the changing needs of your clients.

Client information is easy to find and use.

All your clients’ details can be easily stored, and instantly retrieved on SchemeServe’s cloud-based CRM.

From contact details to purchase reports, documents, and full communication history, everything is stored, instantly updated and ready to be utilised for ultra-effective customer insight.

Client data that works for you and is secure.

SchemeServe offers you a platform to automatically follow up with your customers, as well as critical communication with clients and third-party partners. Saving time on admin allows you to focus on the bigger picture.

Rest assured that all client data is securely stored and compliant.

Data that inspires insights for growth.

SchemeServe’s real-time analysis of data helps you to learn your clients’ needs and changing circumstances, and ensures that you are delivering products and services most appropriate to them. SchemeServe enables you to be intuitive and responsive, making for positive relationships, whilst maintaining and enhancing your reputation as a trusted brand.

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