Developer APIs

To start integrating and extending SchemeServe, visit our public API specification. For more information or to ask us a question, contact our team today. Visit to create a new Obsessive Support request. We’re always on hand to help you with your project.

SchemeServe integrates easily.

SchemeServe’s API allows developers to quickly and simply integrate any existing software with SchemeServe, and to build components and widgets to compliment your own solutions, or to re-sell.

Use the programming language of your choice

Our API’s are all rest based serving easy to understand JSON. Easily integrate with the language of your choice whether PHP, .NET, Node, Roby, Java or anything else

Easy access with SchemeServe

Authentication is managed via SchemeServe user accounts, and calls to the web service will return data, or allow writing of data, that the given user account would normally have access to. For more information visit the Developers documentation.

SchemeServe is flexible

SchemeServe provides options for an administrator to change just about any aspect of its behaviour. Software developers can integrate and customise SchemeServe, or completely new insurance software solutions/apps can be created.

Ready to make the next step?

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