Policy administration

SchemeServe delivers fully-automated insurance management software, freeing up time to engage and support your clients, build your brand, and grow your business. No more keying in the same data multiple times.

No more slow processess or unproductive output.

  • Save time managing admin and concentrate on growing your business.
  • With full, life-cycle detailed policy admin features, make changes to any aspect of a policy at any time.
  • Automate the most common actions using rules, to avoid wasting resources.
  • Quickly produce and deliver all the essentials needed for policy administration.

Give your clients a more secure, more efficient service.

  • Customer data, collated and stored securely within the cloud-based platform, can be easily used for a range of administrative purposes.
  • Use security levels to decide which staff can take which actions, including granular referral authority levels.

Have control over levels of commission.

  • With SchemeServe you can keep 100% of your commission, or retain a cut for acting as an intermediary.
  • Never lose a sale. Flex your commission to bring the premium within your client’s budget.

Manage the life-cycle

Working with real-time data enables you to have full control over all policy aspects, throughout its life-cycle. Whether ratings, pricing or rules, you have the facility to tweak and edit through every stage.

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