Ratings and underwriting

SchemeServe rates and underwrites with speed and accuracy, on the most complex schemes. We deliver a responsive service to your customers, and new levels of productivity for your business.

Enjoy the benefits of SchemeServe’s speed and accuracy.

  • Use real-time data, so you can rate and apply rules to any quotation.
  • Deliver the swift service your clients demand with quick-response referrals and decisions.
  • Save time on laborious administrative and rating tasks.

Rate, underwrite & refer

  • Edit your rating simply and quickly at any time.
  • Automatically or manually rate; choose and configure your workflow.
  • Auto rate even the most complex products & schemes.
  • Automate all policy aspects throughout the life cycle using advanced rules creation.

Access and control

  • Choose and configure the workflow to suit your business needs.
  • SchemeServe is tailored to deliver automated processes that support your growth.
  • Control users’ underwriting authority levels.
  • Determine the referrals that can be cleared by underwriter or agent.


Whether insuring 1 item or 1000, you have the ability to allow as many items as required to a policy.

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