Get to know SchemeServe’s new chief commercial officer – Sean Neal

  Simonx   |   25th June 2020 - 3 min read


Sean Neal (pictured) has joined SchemeServe as the new chief commercial officer. SchemeServe is delighted to welcome Sean into the business. He brings with him boundless energy, enthusiasm, 30 years’ industry experience, and a great insurance network to boot.

Before joining SchemeServe, he spent 22 years with CP Walker & Son where he was a partner and later founded MGA Property Protector.

Most newcomers typically have little inside information to draw on when they start. However, this is where Sean is different! He’s acutely aware of what SchemeServe has to offer as he was a customer himself through his business – Property Protector.

Here he talks to SchemeServe’s resident blogger, Angelique Ruzicka, about his new role, what we can expect from him as soon as he settles in, and what he enjoys doing for fun.

What’s the first thing you’ll tackle in your new role?
Getting to know our customers. This is a people business, and always will be, so the closer we can get to customers the more we can help them.

What long term projects will be on your horizon?
Just helping to make SchemeServe the best it can be, and more, with the help of a great team of people.

You have run a successful insurance brokerage and MGA in the past – how will this help you in your new role?
My previous experience gives me insights as to the day-to-day challenges that every broker faces. Being able to translate that into a SchemeServe solution is really valuable.

What do you like doing for fun?
I love to travel. I have been fortunate enough to see some remarkable places in the world. I’m also a bit of a petrol head, love my cars (new and old). Other than that, you’ll find me in a decent restaurant eating some nice food.

What charity work do you do?
I’ve been supporting a charity called Operation Orphan and specifically their UK Forget-Me-Notts project for the last couple of years.The charity helps orphaned and underprivileged children. I’ve been doing hands-on volunteering, attended trustees’ meetings. I help whenever I can. 

Great, that sounds really interesting, I bet you can’t wait to get started in your new role. So can customers contact you if they want? 
I’m looking forward to catching up with all our customers over the course of the next few weeks. If they wish to contact me personally, they mustn’t hesitate to do so!

To connect with Sean on his LinkedIn profile, click here

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