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  SimonX   |   24th February 2021 - 6 min read

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My friend Bernard (not real name, just a name I find comical) once told me that through years of job searching, he learnt the most beneficial thing to do in an interview was to be himself.

He just decided to be himself.

Dad jokes and all.

This doesn’t mean he also whipped out the Ukulele and serenaded them with ‘Under the Sea’… but it does mean he decided not to inflate his experience, or overemphasise certain qualifications he thought would help him score the job, and he certainly didn’t attempt to impersonate someone much more qualified.

Bernard said he used to try and be the person that he believed the company was looking for. And unfortunately, this resulted in either;

  • The company believing Bernard could fulfil a specific job role, which he then failed at miserably.
  • Or, Bernard got significantly fewer kicks out of it because he had been hired for a job he wasn’t suited for.

So, he changed his ways in a quest to be content, and thrive in a job that he was suited to, rather than one he had shoehorned himself into.

I’ve often seen people scatter-gun their CV to every available position, whether it’s suitable for them or not. And although this can occasionally have the odd benefit (if the company recommend you for a different job available, for example), it often results in wasted time for both parties.

When considering the role I applied for at SchemeServe, some two years ago, I took the time to understand the company as much as I could. What kind of projects are they involved in? Who do they collaborate with? What is the work environment like, and do they practise their Core Values? What kind of manner and demeanour do the people have? Do I feel listened to, and respected? Could I thrive here? And more importantly… could I laugh here?!

If you’re considering a job, follow these quick preliminary checks to see if it’s the right choice for you.

  • First, find them on Companies House, and do your research.
  • Have a skim through their posts on social media, what kind of tone are they using? Do you find them interesting? Are you intrigued?
  • Make a list of questions and ask them! Whether in the interview, or by email.
  • Find their Core Values, do you relate to them? Would you enjoy working with people who also prioritise these things?
  • What’s important to you? And do they display these traits too? For example, if you’re someone who enjoys giving back to the community, are they donating to charity? Or involved in any charitable projects?
  • How do they care for their staff? Are they a company focused on results, results, results? Or, are they putting the effort in to ensuring their staff are healthy and positive?

At SchemeServe there’s quite a relaxed culture, where people are given the breathing-room they need to get the work done, without the pressure of constant deadlines. However, it’s also an extremely innovative environment. You are expected to bring new ideas to the table and suggest ways that improve the way we work. It’s a place where things are constantly moving forward, and to be honest the adrenaline suits me well!

And some might think this is the kind of culture everyone is looking for.  

But that’s not quite true.

If the company you’ve researching has passed the first test, ask yourself these questions about the prospective job role, and work environment.

  • How much support do I need? Some people need more support than others in their day-to-day work. We all need varying degrees of help – so, it’s important to make sure you’re going to have the support you require to get the job done.
  • Is remote-working right for me? Home-working just isn’t right for some people! We’re all social beings, however some really thrive in an office environment where they can be motivated by others. Make sure you know whether the role you’re applying for is remote (even after COVID-19 fiasco is over!).
  • Am I a leader, or a follower? Some find ‘trailblazing’ a little more challenging than others. What kind of projects will you be working on? Are you happy being the leader? We all have our preference! If you’re a follower, it could be the increased responsibility of leading creates stress, or anxiety. And following, when all you want to do is lead, could easily create boredom, even resentment! Check whether the tasks you’ll be doing, match how much responsibility you want.

We spend an exorbitant amount of time in the service of our employers, and in today’s current climate finding a job that’s right for you, one that inspires you and helps you thrive, is crucial to feeling positive and productive.

Spending the bulk of your time around people who you respect, and who motivate you in your job, can also contribute significantly towards a healthy mental state of mind. And let’s be honest, we could all use that at the moment.

Good luck in the search!

For SchemeServe vacancies, please have a look at our Careers page HERE.

Simon Cowling

Simon spent over 10 years programming from behind a keyboard, before transitioning across to management. A keen adrenaline junkie, whether that involves going up the mountain or over the edge of the cliff. He learned his management skills not just in the I.T world but also running youth camps and conferences, helping teenagers find a footing in life. He also really likes pie.

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