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  Simonx   |   5th June 2018 - 4 min read

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Data, the way it’s designed, laid out and consumed, is becoming a vital component to customer retention. It’s what’s referred to as the digital consumer experience (CX) and it’s an important element to consider because if your customer doesn’t enjoy the interaction he or she is having with your business online, they are unlikely to deal with you for much longer or even at all.

According to to one survey, 69% of insurers believe that data is the biggest challenge in ensuring that customers have a good experience when they encounter their business online. But ensuring online customer satisfaction is not the only problem that insurers face. They have problems with data privacy, security and not having the right data expertise in their staff compliment. Managing real time interaction data and integration of data across products and channels were also listed as problems in the survey.  

Even though it feels like virtually every company has a website nowadays it was found in the study that 45% of the older demographic wanted more insurance companies to have an online presence. Of course, younger customers (77% surveyed) wanted to interact with companies online.

If your firm is still stuck in the ‘Dark Ages’ with no online presence or even with a dated website that is not interactive, responsive or easy on the eye you could be putting off customers without even intending to. The days of believing that your website and they way in which your business interacts with clients digitally ‘is just fine as it is’ are over. Insurance companies and brokers need to evolve if they want to keep the attention of their customers – both young and old.

You may want to continue or prefer to interact with your customer face to face, but this form of communication is fading out. According to another report, millennials and Generation Z communicate digitally more than they do in person and are particularly reliant on phones and apps. Don’t bother calling them either – they prefer messaging as a form of communication. Phones have become an extra appendage. They are an extension of the way in which people interact with each other and with businesses. And it’s easy to understand why. Phones are quickly within reach and it’s easy to converse with your fingers. You don’t have to be in the same room with the person to converse with them, which means less travel is involved and less time is taken up.

If customers are unable to interact with you in the way that they want, typically using smartphones and tablets, they will probably go somewhere else. But it doesn’t have to be that way, because by partnering with the right software provider you could be up and running and communicating with your customer in the way they digitally prefer in just a couple of days. 

Here are the ways in which SchemeServe can help in the protection and marketing of your insurance schemes and how we assist in making your data stand out:

  • We help you to create beautiful, professional branding which will capture the eye of customers and make them return to your website.
  • Our designs are responsive so that they are easy to read and consume on mobile devices.
  • To tailor-make your offering we can create new websites for individual products and ranges.
  • We can create more efficiency and protection for your business by only allowing certain staff to manage and view certain brands and data.
  • We will control back-office and reporting from a central location
  • Remember, we can also offer unlimited white-label versions of your products.
  • We also have a data protection officer that you can hire to ensure that you are compliant with regulations. 

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