I’m strictly not dancing! Lee Rogers explains his life as a scrutineer outside of SchemeServe

  Simonx   |   3rd September 2020 - 5 min read

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Work-life balance is often hard to achieve given that many of us spend a lot of time commuting to and from work. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, that has reduced somewhat as more companies realise the importance of giving workers choice and flexibility and allow more to work from home (WFH).

At SchemeServe, we’ve long embraced remote working. As a result, several of our employees have been able to achieve a wor life balance and engage in sports and activities that help keep them motivated and help them to unwind.

We’ll be featuring our employees’ lives outside of work on a regular basis just to give you all a sense of who we are beyond our daily jobs.

This week we’re featuring Lee Rogers. We describe Lee as an engineering superhero! By day he works as a software engineer at SchemeServe, dealing with brokers, insurers and MGAs, and by night (or weekends), Lee is a scrutineer for the world’s largest international street-dance competition.  

His side gig started just after he graduated from the University of South Wales. He got his first job as the IT manager for the United Dance Organisation (UDO) and hasn’t looked back since.

His UDO role started off as a one-off day job, but his passion, dedication and skills allowed him to stay on-board for longer. The UDO is a street-dance organisation with international events and competitions, across 30 different countries.

But Lee hastens to add: “I should point out that being a Scrutineer is where my involvement ends – I definitely don’t dance!”

Lee continues to work part-time at UDO, while working for SchemeServe full-time. One of his main responsibilities at UDO includes data entry for the scores at dance competitions and to ensure that the events are following the correct rules and regulations.

Lee explains: “The UDO gave me training, building up skills to improve my ability to do complex tasks under extreme time constraints, and initially I shadowed the other scrutineers.”

Travelling is one of the great perks that comes with the job. From China, the Philippines, Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, Ireland, Germany and many more, Lee has been able to travel for various events.

“I’ve been doing it nearly every weekend for seven years now and there are also a few week-long international competition events which can take me all over the world.”

Lee has been able to create many memorable experiences whilst travelling. He says: “It’s hard work and long hours – usually 8am to 11pm, but I love it.  I get to meet new and interesting people and immerse myself in another world that I otherwise wouldn’t experience.  

“For example, they hold one event in Wunderland in Germany every year on the site of a disused nuclear power station (yes – it is a real place!).”

But there have been some hair-raising moments. He says: “I nearly got arrested in Beijing Airport once too – not really a highlight but it was a memorable (and rough) 24 hours!”

While the hours might be long, the new people, skills and memories gained, make it all worthwhile for Lee. 

However, with the recent lockdown, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been several postponements and cancellations of UDO competitions. This means that there are no new travel opportunities until government guidance allows UDO to continue with its international events and competitions.

Lee’s work ethic is inspiring to say the least, as he has a full-time job while still staying dedicated to his hobbies. But when asked if there’ll be any other challenges post-Covid he’s keen to take things slow.

“I’d settle for growing a better beard and getting a suntan – that’s challenge enough right now,” he quips.

His story has also featured in Insurance Post. Check out the interview here.

If you want to get to know more about our staff and who they are, look out for any updates on this page.

Simon Cowling

Simon spent over 10 years programming from behind a keyboard, before transitioning across to management. A keen adrenaline junkie, whether that involves going up the mountain or over the edge of the cliff. He learned his management skills not just in the I.T world but also running youth camps and conferences, helping teenagers find a footing in life. He also really likes pie.

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