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Discover the platform that gives you the freedom to build your own schemes, no matter how complex. SchemeServe enables MGAs to take the market by storm, delivering a constant flow of information between regulators and insurers, alongside unbeatable build times.


Why choose SchemeServe?

Build, design and manage your own schemes.

A constant flow of information between regulators, insurers and intermediaries, giving you all the most relevant information on-hand.

Respond to opportunities in the market instantly, and build products in days.

Amend your documents and rates instantly, and for free.

99.99% uptime. Yep, it's basically record-breaking.

Analyse trends using MI, so you can be more productive.

Award-winning Obsessive Support from a dedicated underwriting expert, available directly.

Take account reconciliation from days to minutes with our Digit Accounting Suite .

Beautiful 'Get Quote' journey - create a personalised easy-to-use journey that's on-brand.

Use a company that’s trusted, experienced and secure

In September 2020 Towergate Insurance* came to us in need of a new scheme designed by Modus Underwriting*, that covered three different risk types; commercial, residential, and unoccupied buildings. We had been working with Towergate for seven years, and had previously built two other Property Owners schemes for them.
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Added bonuses

Store virtually unlimited documents securely online; record voice calls, store images and other file types within your customer records.

Harness in-depth reporting of all aspects of your strategy from a central location.

SchemeServe operates across multiple data centres, and offers the highest level of security to your data with up-to-the-minute backups.

Create multi-tier networks of branded portals which form the foundation, the sales funnels and the search-engine machine for your enterprise. No need to wait for distribution to happen organically.

We ensure that data is only accessed by authorised users.

Just to blow our own trumpet for a tick...

This year, we’ve been shortlisted (or won) more awards than you’ve got fingers. Get in touch to find out why.

Not only have been been around 21 years, but we only employ ex-underwriters as Wunderwriters. We believe the people supporting you should be experts in their field.

Every software release is tested by our team of experienced Software QA Engineers. Nothing gets through those guys.


We’re a carbon neutral company, and proud of our strong ESG standards. Read our policies here.

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