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Obsessive Support™

Insurance experts.
Technological gurus.
Available directly.

schemeserve insurance software support

We don’t stop at ‘great’, ‘reliable’ or ‘quick’. We’re OBSESSIVE.


We only hire ex-underwriters. In a crisis, you need an expert, not someone reading off a customer service script.

Call them directly

You can call them directly; no hold music or automated voices – we promise!

Same-day support

92% of support requests are responded to (and often resolved) the same day.

Tech training

We train them to have the technological gurus with the skills of professional web designers.

Build your product in days

Build your products in days; when we say obsessive, we mean obsessive.

SchemeServe Academy

Want to build schemes yourself? Ask about the SchemeServe Academy. We'll train your team to build schemes, and become fully fledged Wunderwriters.

Ready to take control of your schemes?