Remote Insurance Software Scheme Technician

About SchemeServe

SchemeServe is UK based Insurance SaaS solution offering marketing support and consultancy to brokers, underwriting agencies and insurance companies. SchemeServe specializes in services for starting, managing and growing traditional and specialist insurance products. Started in 2000, SchemeServe gives the leading edge in super fast scheme deployment and has grown into the platform of choice for hundreds of insurance products worldwide.

We are a fully remote company although meet together once a quarter for some serious (and some not so serious) time together.

As we are remote there is, unfortunately, no unlimited kitchen or bean bags, but we offer the flexibility to those in the UK who want work to fit around their life!

Job Description

We need inquisitive and expert communicators, with previous experience in insurance, to capture our client’s insurance Scheme requirements and translate them on to our state-of-the-art technology.

Our Wunderwriting Team are curious, sociable, and eager to bat about new ideas whilst problem solving their way through the day. The role has been described as somewhere between Question Time, and The Crystal Maze.

Rumour has it that we grow Wunderwriters from embryos to select the best possible levels of fortitude, compassion and Obsessive Support™, but one thing this is for sure; our very own Wunderwriters were born to build awesome insurance solutions and LOVE supporting businesses to make their Schemes succeed at the highest level.

The role involves consulting with freshly-signed clients to understand their Scheme requirements, and assist them with getting their product live through our cutting-edge Scheme building software. You’ll help shape their Scheme by making recommendations on how to best present the Scheme to customers, find inventive solutions to complex mathematical algorithms, and help them build a brand and website befitting of their product.

Team morale is a priority at SchemeServe, therefore we have regular team activities and opportunities to bond. Our Team Days have been spent paintballing, on boating lakes and in escape rooms! We appreciate in a remote company, the need to feel included and part of the company journey. Our Team Days are of the utmost importance!


  • Applicants should be expert communicators.
  • Must have experience in the insurance industry.
  • A self-motivated and focused approach to work.
  • Inquisitive, empathic natural comfort with computer software.
  • A self-motivated and focused approach to work is important.

This role is about the right attitude and person, with all levels of experience considered.

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Note for recruiters

We are not currently accepting any candidates from recruiters that we do not already have a working agreement with.

You are welcome to send an email if you really want, but it will be ignored :-)


Remote Insurance Software Scheme Technician

Employment type:

Full Time


£25000  - £30000

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