SchemeServe AI ‘Aurora’ invented in the bath.

  Amanda   |   1st April 2021 - 2 min read


SchemeServe’s new voice assistant determines human intention, desire and even appetite for risk. 

Could underwriters soon be replaced by machines?

“The idea came to me while in the bath,” Adam, SchemeServe Founder tells us from his home office in London. “I realised that the waves were like the sound waves in the human voice. If I could determine where my rubber ducky was coming from, the waves might also tell me where people were headed.”

Back at the SchemeServe R&D Lab with the world-renowned ‘Purple Fiction’ team, we quickly came up with a prototype called “Aurora”. Those were heady days of pure unbridled invention, and now at age 11, Aurora has the mental age of a 127-year-old wizard.

“Not only will Quote & Buy be unnecessary soon, but the entire insurance industry can be replaced with a single robot mind.” These were Aurora’s first words from her patented BS Engine.

And then… we remembered that this sounds a bit too good to be true, Adam Bishop hates ducks and hasn’t had a bath since he was 7. Also, it’s April 1st.

Remember, expertise matters, and technology is a tool to help expert underwriters create masterful solutions that customers actually want. Google & Amazon haven’t replaced any of us, because their AI is light years away from being credible in any truly human interactions.

Long live the Wunderwriter!

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