SchemeServe has created a shiny new ‘Renewal Re-quote’ feature

  Simonx   |   3rd June 2020 - 3 min read

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At SchemeServe we’re all about making our customer’s lives easier. This means we’re constantly thinking of ways to enhance our features for you to work smarter and with more efficiency.

Some of our changes can be complex and will require training, while others can be quite simple in nature and require minimal tweaks to the way you work. Either way, we like to keep you informed about it all and guide you through any changes that we make.

So we’re creating a simple change to our Renewal Re-quote functionality – all included in your monthly subscription and completely optional. This functionality doesn’t affect First Premium records – it’s only available on Renewals.

Before this change was introduced there was only one way to create additional renewal quotes and that by creating a new case. This gave our customers the ability to make changes to the policy, especially if a new underwriter has been introduced.

But, following some requests from customers, we’ve now introduced an additional setting called “Create new record within current case”, which enables you to add more quotation records to the same renewal. The options can be found in the Scheme Settings, under the ‘General’ section.

For those who aren’t keen on the new offering, things will still remain the same, as all existing schemes will be defaulted to the original functionality, now called the “Create New Case” option.

However, if you do wish to make use of the new functionality, all you have to do to enable it is to tick it in the scheme settings.  

So, depending on the options selected, the buttons that will be displayed in the case are one or both of the following:

  • Re-quote: This will be the new style functionality that will re-quote the existing case.
  • Re-quote in the new case: This will be the old functionality that will create a new case for the quotation.

Change can be a good thing, but we’re also aware of clients that prefer things just the way they are. Our new, free user-friendly feature will enhance services, but we’d also like to reassure you that we’re still keeping the features the same for those who are used to the way things are and love what we currently offer. 

We like to be transparent with any changes that we make and want to ensure that you are comfortable with the setup and understand how to use it.

So, if you have any questions or feedback about the new functionality or any other suggestions for things you’d like to see in future we’re all ears! To contact us, simply submit a ticket to our friendly support team and we’ll get back to you.

Simon Cowling

Simon spent over 10 years programming from behind a keyboard, before transitioning across to management. A keen adrenaline junkie, whether that involves going up the mountain or over the edge of the cliff. He learned his management skills not just in the I.T world but also running youth camps and conferences, helping teenagers find a footing in life. He also really likes pie.

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