SchemeServe is here for you

8th April 2020

SchemeServe is here for you.

The coronavirus pandemic and UK lockdown continues, impacting all of us greatly, our families and in many cases, businesses. These are truly unique times and I wanted to reach out to you to reassure you that as your outsourced InsureTech SaaS platform, SchemeServe has you covered.

Always Obsessive Support(tm)

The SchemeServe platform will continue to serve insurance businesses as usual throughout this period, protecting your data 24/7, serving customers and brokers. Our Wunderwriters are, as always, on hand to help with anything you need.

Working Remotely for 15+ Years

SchemeServe is uniquely positioned during this crisis having built a bullet-proof remote infrastructure over the past 15+ years. The way we conduct our business day-to-day changes very little during a pandemic, for which we are very grateful ...and proud! We are currently engaged in assisting other businesses build-out their Business Continuity plans; if you'd like any tips, please get in touch.

What has changed

We have replaced our quarterly team retreats - a vital part of the social fabric at SchemeServe - with monthly whole-company All Hands Meetings via Zoom. These are in addition to our usual daily departmental team calls, which continue as normal. They've been a great success and really helping us to maintain energy levels throughout!

Additionally, client meetings have also moved to Zoom, allowing us to give that personal touch and discuss your requirements on a regular basis, even during the lockdown.

We're also encouraging our team to help the NHS, giving unlimited time-off to help the vulnerable, including friends and family members in need.

We value your business greatly and THANK you for being a customer. If you need anything additional during this period, please let me know!

Best wishes as always,

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