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Collaborate, and grow your insurance business without the faff.

The SchemeServe Network facilitates no-nonsense collaborations between scheme owners, brokers and MGAs. Scheme owners share their schemes to our Library and increase their distribution, whilst brokers browse and replicate schemes they’d like to adopt.

Broker or MGA?

Browse the schemes available on our Network Library, and connect with SchemeServe customers directly.

Once you’ve chosen to collaborate, you can then save records on your own exclusive part of SchemeServe.

The scheme owner will arrange compliance checks and a TOBA, so you can then ‘quote and buy’ on a range of devices. Register interest below!

SchemeServe Customer?

As an existing SchemeServe customer, you have the unique opportunity to include your scheme in the SchemeServe Network Library – at no extra cost. Hurrah!

This means you can quickly and easily connect with other brokers and increase your distribution in a flash.

Excited? We are! If you’d like to get involved just drop us a line or contact your Wunderwriter!

Join others using the SchemeServe Network

schemeserve network review

"The SchemeServe Network creates a virtual ‘marketplace’ which we’re pleased to be part of [..] supporting this initiative creates more opportunity for brokers and insurers to develop successful partnerships and deliver specialist solutions for customers."

Antony Osborne


SchemeServe Partner Panel

If you’re looking for capacity for a new or existing scheme, our Partner Panel is here to help.

Alongside the Network, our group of seven capacity providers offer a huge range of capacity for a comprehensive spread of schemes. Our providers include; AXAEcclesiasticalPenHiscoxBlink Intermediary Solutions (Iris Insurance Brokers), Gresham and ARAG.

schemeserve network insurance platform
schemeserve insurance software

More about SchemeServe

Started in 2000, SchemeServe gives brokers, MGAs and insurers the freedom to build, design and manage their own schemes.

SchemeServe are proud of their formidably Obsessive Support Team, and radical innovation over the past 21 years. 

The heart of their staff revolves around their Core Values; Curious, Dependable, Authentic, Swift and Daring.

Other stuff we're proud of...

Make use of a platform that boasts 99.99% uptime (that’s a downtime of 4 minutes a month).

This year, we’ve been shortlisted (or won) more awards than you’ve got fingers. Get in touch to find out why.


We’re a carbon neutral company, and proud of our strong ESG standards. Read our policies here.

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