SchemeServe to attend the Broker Expo in Coventry

  Simonx   |   6th November 2019 - 4 min read


SchemeServe is excited about attending the Broker Expo, which is taking place this week on the 7 November at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

Our very own John Price, chief operating officer at SchemeServe, will be chairing two sessions at the Broker Expo.

At 11:10 am in zone one he’ll be discussing the impact of new technologies on customers’ policies and later at 11:50am in zone two he’ll be talking about how to apply the right technology for your clients.

In his first session he’ll be exploring how technology will be developed into insurance policies for both commercial and personal lines.

He’ll also be unpacking whether the insurance sector is ready for the culture shift to risk prevention and how brokers can translate Internet of Things data into effective strategies for their business and customer policies.

The second session John will be chairing is headlined: ‘Digitalising for the sake of it – what do your customers really need?’

He’ll be talking about how you can digitalise your company to provide the best touch points for your customers. John will also help you identify the best technology to help you with your business interactions. Finally, the session will provide advise on how you interact with your customers to help them understand your digital transformation.

When it comes to both sessions, John says you can expect a lively debate, packed with information for brokers, but one that isn’t filled with tech jargon. He adds that embracing new technology needn’t be a burden and that it will liberate those companies that still rely on using bits of paper to record transactions.

Tech can be integrated with policies in numerous ways and the discussions will be looking into how that can be done. John says brokers can expect discussions around the way in which data is collected. This can be anything from the use of fitness trackers to telematics to helping customers work out how much it would cost to rebuild their homes if they got damaged in a storm.

Attending these talks will help you to realise what customers truly need and want from a technological standpoint. So often, businesses can get wrapped up in servicing and integrating with the needs of the insurer that the customer gets a tad neglected.

While embracing technology may be a difficult thing to do, particularly if you’ve run a paper based business for so long it’s important it’s vital to be at least open minded about increasing your knowledge about what benefits technology can bring to the business.

Gone are the days where people communicate via the phone or face to face.

These days customers, especially millennials, expect more lines of communication to be opened up. People want access to information at all times of the day and this is why social media and chatbots have become so vital.

People expect access to information or expert help even beyond the working hours of a business. This is just one of the many things that John along with a panel of experts will be discussing and debating.

To find out more about the Broker Expo 2019, which is free to attend for brokers, and gain access to the agenda, click here.

Simon Cowling

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