Social Media Consultancy

In the 1980s, to advertise your product you took out the biggest advertisment you could afford in the Yellow Pages and, if you were a bit flash, ad in the local newspaper. Then you waited and the customers came to you. In these more modern times, putting up a website and waiting will get you almost nowhere. Having the best set of insurance products in the world won’t help if noone knows about them. You have to be talking where your customers are, and that includes the various social media platforms.

How we can help

Firstly, I’ve heard so many people in our industry pretty much treat social media as something ‘that children play with’. I’ve heard it expressed in different ways; “We work on referrals” or “We’ve been successful doing it our way for the past 20 years”.

For those people, I have a question….

Do you think technology is going to go away?

Do you think that as individual agents we can possibly stand a chance if all we say is “come and visit our site, I might give you a quote”?

Do you think shouting about Price, and Cover will make someone come running to you?

You have to stand out

You have to be the expert. You have to engage with all the potential people you can help with your products. And that means writing articles, commenting on Facebook and Linked In and Twitter. It means posting videos and all kinds of content. To be the expert, you have to be seen as the expert.

You have to be visible through the bad times, such as a flood, as well as the good.

Measure Everything

How will you if youre making a difference? You have to measure. Measure everything. Counting likes on a video or Facebook is one thing. Knowing that you could increase your sales 15% if only you could convince your compliance people to let you change that wording a little is quite another.


If you have the money to pay for a mid to high level person focusing on this stuff, thats probably the best you are going to get. They will be breathing your brand each and every day. They’ll be sitting around your meeting table every morning, and have loads of insider knowledge to help them. That person will be a marketer, a journalist and a data cruncher.

If you don’t have that, asking us at SchemeServe is probably your 2nd best choice.

We can produce content, track the results, and provide tweaks to your current offerings. We can help with the overall strategy, the execution or both.

We measure using industry standard techniques and a load of tactics we designed to give just our customers the edge.

Talk is cheap

In fact, talk is very often free, and at SchemeServe thats true, at least in the first instance. Call us to discuss your strategy. If we don’t think we can help, we’ll tell you – you have nothing to lose, and perhaps a lot to gain.

“Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that we have made great progress today and the scheme is now starting to look excellent. All of the team have been superb today, extremely helpful and patient. I have been really impressed with the can do attitude they possess, nothing has been too much trouble and every request I have made they have been able to accommodate!”
Gavin Hill-John, MD, VetProtect