SchemeServe loves Developers

SchemeServe is a very flexible platform out-of-the-box and provides options for an administrator to change just about any aspect of it’s behaviour, without any special software or technical knowledge. 

However, in some special cases we recognise you may want to go further, so we’ve provided additional ways for your software developers to integrate and customise SchemeServe, even to create completely new insurance software solutions and apps. 

Custom CSS

You can add a custom CSS stylesheet to your SchemeServe solution/trial to control any visual aspect of the software, including public and private pages. Any developer with experience of HTML and CSS will easily be able to make changes to your corporate SchemeServe website. 

Contact our Team

To start integrating and extending SchemeServe, visit our public API specification. For more information or to ask us a question, contact our team today. Visit and create a new Obsessive Supporttm request. We’re always on hand to help you with your project.

The SchemeServe API

The SchemeServe API allows developers to quickly and simply integrate any existing software with SchemeServe and to easily build components and widgets to complement your own solutions or to re-sell.

The API is implemented as an XML webservice over HTTP. Integrate using your programming language of choice. .NET, PHP, Ruby and Java are popular examples.

Authentication is managed via SchemeServe user accounts, and calls to the webservice will return data or allow writing of data that the given user account would normally have access to. For more information visit the developers site now.

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What our clients say

A delight to use… particularly innovative

“As I.T. infrastructure is key to a successful business particularly in insurance. It is a delight to use SchemeServe some of the features available are particularly innovative. also the developers are really enthusiastic and as keen as the users to move it forward with new ideas that continue to streamline the administrative process. I fail to see how a successful business can operate without it and would highly recommend this system.”

Ben Coleman – MD,

U-Sure Insurance

Other Features of SchemeServe