Launch Insurance Websites for Desktop & Mobile

  • Create beautiful branding which draws customers in quickly and keeps them coming back.
  • Fully support mobile devices via responsive design.
  • Launch unlimited white-label versions of your products.
  • Create new websites for individual products or ranges.
  • Control back-office & reporting from a central location.
  • Control which staff can manage or view which brands and which data.
  • Call your dedicated Product Tailor™ for assistance at any time who will connect you with SchemeServe designers, Search Engine and/or Social Media experts.

Create Your Distribution Pyramid

  • Stop waiting for Distribution to happen organically: create multi-tier networks of branded portals which form the foundation, the sales funnels and the search-engine machine for your enterprise.
  • Harness in-depth reporting of all aspects of your strategy from a central location where data is collated from unlimited sites, brands, brokers & introducers.
  • Dominate your target markets with tools your competitors do not have access to.
  • Consult with distribution experts via your dedicated Product Tailor™ at any time.

Share Beautiful Documents

  • Create beautiful documentation your customers/agents will love.
  • Store virtually unlimited documents securely online so your clients or brokers can access them at any time.
  • Record voice calls, images and other file types within your customer records.
  • Use existing workflows to create documents or call your dedicated Product Tailor™ at any time who will proudly create whatever you need.

Rate, Underwrite & Refer

  • Edit your rates & rules simply and quickly at any time, 100% in-house.
  • Automatically or Manually rate; choose and configure your workflow.
  • Auto rate even the most complex products & schemes.
  • Tweak rating & automate all policy aspects throughout the lifecycle using advanced rules creation & automatic referrals.

Conduct Rapid Policy Admin

  • Full life-cycle detailed policy admin features allow you to make changes to any aspect of a policy at any time.
  • Automate the most common actions using rules to avoid waste of primary resources performing repetitive tasks.
  • Use security levels to decide which staff can take which actions including granular referral authority levels.
  • Quote, Renew, MTA, Lapse. NTU and much more!

Harness Powerful Back Office Accounting

  • Fully (or semi) automatic debt chasing via automatic emails & statements.
  • Trade in any currency in any region.
  • Underwriter & broker ledger functions: statements, partial payments, direct settlements, multi-currency payments and receipts.
  • Brokers and Introducers may access accounting or other reports you design for them.
  • Client payments by card, partial & direct bank payments.
  • Bordereau facilities & easy-to-use, custom reporting.
  • Full audit trail of all transactions and accounting facilities.
  • Direct Debit (BACS) Direct Debit (SEPA), credit/debit card (PCI compliant), PayPal, BPAY, PAYM, Bitcoin and premium finance interfaces.
  • Optionally add losses and gains accounts with re-rating, co-insurance breakdown, pay-as-paid facilities, multiple legal entities and Chinese walls on the same database.

Use Data Intelligence & Reports

  • Create compelling reports with drag & drop functionality or dive into detail with our easy-to-use formula designer.
  • Connect popular data cube services for virtually unlimited levels of detail, data analysis & processing power.
  • Receive reports by email or export to Excel or XML.
  • Your dedicated Product Tailor™ will build any custom reports for you in-person at your premises, working closely with your team, and you can make changes yourself at any time.

Add-Ons & Integrations

SchemeServe already supports hundreds of third-party modules & integrations and we’re adding more all the time.  Browse a selection here or get in touch to see if we have what you’re looking for…

Keep Your Data Secure

  • Our business processes are compliant to ISO standard 9001:2015.
  • Our hosting platform has more certifications than any other provider. Data storage systems comply to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and 2 and UK G-Cloud.
  • Our networks are subject to rigorous third-party audits such as those done by the British Standards Institute.
  • Your staff IT access privileges can be adjusted quickly and at any time so you can have peace-of-mind that staff can only access what you allow them to.
  • You may optionally add security features beyond industry norms if you wish, such as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Social Sign-In, to protect your accounts even further.
  • We use the latest military strength encryption

Stay Online 24/7/365

  • We work hard to build redundancy & stability into every SchemeServe feature.  We’re proud of our Uptime statistics which is why we publish them online here.
  • Every software release is rigorously tested by our well-equipped team of experienced Software QA staff and Automation Engineers.
  • We use redundant servers in parallel in different hosting environments.
  • Web servers are placed behind load balancers to provide maximum software availability at all times.
  • You can contact our dedicated UK team at any time by phone or email, you won’t be redirected to a call centre, or call your dedicated Product Tailor™ who will deal with your query there and then.
  • Choose additional regions to host your data for even greater worldwide availability and hosting speed.