We deliver relevant products to insurers and expert customer service, allowing for a hassle-free process.

Customer focused technology.

Our features enables you to give customers a seamless digital journey to buy insurance. Less hassle. More time to do what matters.

- Responsive websites help your clients engage with new product launches regardless of device.

- Sector-leading data and marketing tools enable you to become a dominant force in your target markets.

- With the added ability to launch unlimited white-label versions of your products to further widen your reach.

Access technology that squashes today's challenges.

  • Analyse data at speed to find new opportunities and market needs.
  • Launch and distribute new products across multiple channels, everything you need in one place.
  • Deliver the tools and support your brokers and agents need!
  • Engage with clients and deliver quality user experience, which means less confusion, fewer questions, and more time for you to do what you do best.
  • Store virtually unlimited documents securely online so your clients, or brokers, can access them at any time, without bothering you!
  • You can record voice calls, store images and other file types within your customer records, so you don't waste time rooting around trying to find something.
  • Drive productivity improvements in the business, enhancing efficiency and lowering costs.

Increase the possibility for wider distribution.

  • Get your products seen faster, and by more people!
  • Dominate your target markets with industry leading tools. Be at the forefront of the technological revolution!
  • You can distribute your products to a wider audience through scheme sharing, which saves you time and effort.
  • Have all information from relevant databases at your fingertips, all the data you need about your customers, all in one place.
  • Enhanced visibility through keen client relationship management, and positive user experiences.

Your products and services remain relevant, competitive and reliable.

  • Every software release is rigorously tested by our team of experienced Software QA staff and Automation Engineers, which means you can use it worry free.
  • Launch and distribute products across all channels that are highly visible in your target market, be seen by the most relevant people!
  • React quickly to market demands and new opportunities.
  • Customise the platform yourself, and get it to look exactly how you want.
  • You can contact our Obsessive Support team at any time by phone or email*, no waiting around for someone to call you back.

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Why SchemeServe makes all the difference;Have everything built for you, or build it yourself. You have the freedom to choose.Obsessive Support...
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Why SchemeServe makes all the difference;Have everything built for you, or build it yourself. You have the freedom to choose.Rapid delivery of...
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