We deliver relevant and innovative products to insurers, allowing them to widen their distribution and make their 9-5 just easier. This is done alongside expert customer service from Wunderwriters, allowing for a hassle-free process.

Why SchemeServe makes all the difference to insurers;

  • Give your customers a seamless digital journey, and help them engage with new product launches on any device.
  • Launch unlimited white-label versions of your products to further widen your reach.
  • Distribute new products across multiple channels.
  • Contact your Wunderwriter for Obsessive Support at any time by phone or email, no waiting around for someone to call you back.
  • Store virtually unlimited documents securely online so your clients, or brokers, can access them at any time
  • Use sector-leading data tools which enable you to become a dominant force in your target market; find new opportunities and market needs.

Added bonuses;

  • Distribute your products to a wider audience through scheme sharing; saves you time and effort.
  • Record voice calls, as well as store images and other file types within your customer records.
  • Have all information from relevant databases at your fingertips, all the data you need about your customers, all in one place.
  • Customise the platform yourself, and get it to look exactly how you want.
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Just to blow our own trumpet...

  • We've been innovating in the insurance industry for nearly 21 years.
  • SchemeServe employs ex-underwriters as Wunderwriters, so they're already experts in your field, and you can hit the ground running.
  • Every software release is rigorously tested by our team of experienced Software QA staff and Automation Engineers, which means you can use it worry free.
  • SchemeServe are fully GDPR compliant, and our business processes are compliant to ISO standard 9001:2015.

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Why SchemeServe makes all the difference; Have everything built for you, or build it yourself. You have the freedom to choose.Obsessive Support...
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Why SchemeServe makes all the difference; Have everything built for you, or build it yourself. You have the freedom to choose.Rapid delivery of...
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