Rapid Policy Admin

Managing admin is a critical task for any business, and every policy. However, it can be a laborious, painstaking, and time-draining process. Impacting on the productive output and business development aspects of the business.

Remove the Repetition

Having to key-in or write up the same data multiple times for different admin tasks is repetitive, laborious, and an unnecessary drain on your key resources. Making for slow processes, slow service, and unproductive output. SchemeServe delivers a fully-automated admin management system; removing time-consuming duplication, driving efficiency and productivity. And freeing up time to engage and support your clients, build your brand, and grow your business. The system enables you to quickly produce and deliver all key admin such as:

  • Quotes
  • Renewals
  • Lapses
  • MTAs
  • NTUs

Amend Policy Details at any Time

As customer data is collated and stored within the cloud-based system, it can be easily used for a range of administrative purposes. Allowing you to easily adapt and change policy aspects whenever required; at speed and with minimal time. Meaning a more responsive service to a client-base who demand ever more efficient service. Making the software work in accordance with your business is key to its success and the integrity of your schemes. User-level security controls ensures you manage the authority levels so you maintain control of who takes the respective actions. 

Supercharge Your Business Now


We use ex-underwriters and insurance specialists in our Obsessive Support(tm) team so we speak your language.

Obsessive Support™

No request is too great; we know you need a quick and measured response to stay agile and move your business forward.

ISO Level Security

Security & Data Availability are at the core of our platform development and staff training programmes.

99.99% Up Time

Our platform uptime is second-to-none and uptime history available for your persual at any time.

What our clients say

It is very rare to have this level of control

I have worked on a whole range of insurance broking systems in recent years. Schemeserve is the only one that I have used that allows the user to have full control of the system and to have the ability to create new products, rating tables and documents that are available on line without any intervention from ADM. It is very rare to have this level of control – we can literally have changes live and on line in minutes.

Sarah Geddes

Senior Underwriter, COBRA County Schemes

Other Features of SchemeServe