Rating & Underwriting

The SchemeServe Insurance Software sets the standard with its ability to rate and underwrite with speed, efficiency, and accuracy, on even the most complex schemes. Delivering responsive service to your customers, and new-levels of productivity for your business.

Speed and Simplicity

The intuitive software is enabled to deliver an underwriting process, that’s quick and unerringly accurate. Saving you time on those laborious, but crucial, administrative and rating tasks.

Using real-time data, the system can rate and apply rules to any quotation, no matter how complex it may be. So that you can deliver quick-response referrals and decisions; improving your productivity and delivering the swift service your clients demand.

Access and Control

Automated processes to enhance, NOT replace the expertise and human touch in the business. You choose and configure the workflow to suit your business needs, with a system that’s tailored to deliver automated processes that support your growth.

Data libraries make it easy to manage excesses for all types of claims, while providing you the ability to control user’s underwriting authority levels. Determining the referrals that can be cleared by staff or third-party.

Managing the Lifecycle

Working with real-time data enables you to have full control over all policy aspects throughout its lifecycle. Whether ratings, pricing, or rules you have the facility to tweak and edit through every stage.

Supercharge Your Business Now


We use ex-underwriters and insurance specialists in our Obsessive Support(tm) team so we speak your language.

Obsessive Support™

No request is too great; we know you need a quick and measured response to stay agile and move your business forward.

ISO Level Security

Security & Data Availability are at the core of our platform development and staff training programmes.

99.99% Up Time

Our platform uptime is second-to-none and uptime history available for your persual at any time.

What our clients say

An underwriter’s dream

I’ve never seen anything like this before. When we started using SchemeServe new world’s of possibility opened up in front of us. An excellent product.

Other Features of SchemeServe