Reporting & MI

Whether internally, or for clients and partners, reporting remains a crucial element of the business: no matter if you’re a broker, insurer, or MGA.

Historically, creating accurate and engaging reports was a manual task, driven by meticulous study of collected data. And yet another task that put pressure on your valuable time.

Product Tailor™

With your dedicated Product Tailor™ you have the ability to create custom reports, on site and in-person. Tailored to meet the criteria you set, and with the facility to make any amendments you need, at any time. 

Granular Level Analysis

By connecting popular data cube services, you’re able to analyse data at astonishingly minute detail (if needed), processing at speed to deliver incredibly detailed reports, pulled together in rapid time.

Versatile Reporting

From this data can you instantly create tailored reports that are rich in relevant information, compelling, and add real value. From top-line reports via the drag & drop function, to in-depth analysis, generate any report you need, with speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Delivered on multiple platforms, including email, Excel, or XML.


Supercharge Your Business Now


We use ex-underwriters and insurance specialists in our Obsessive Support(tm) team so we speak your language.

Obsessive Support™

No request is too great; we know you need a quick and measured response to stay agile and move your business forward.

ISO Level Security

Security & Data Availability are at the core of our platform development and staff training programmes.

99.99% Up Time

Our platform uptime is second-to-none and uptime history available for your persual at any time.

What our clients say

We moved our specialist scheme for professional photographers to SchemeServe and it instantly changed how we worked. Exploiting all it has to offer we’ve done away with separate accounting systems, diaries, and payment systems and can run instant reports for almost anything we wish in minutes. We also launched a customer facing online quote and buy facility which has completely transformed our business. The photography scheme now has three times the number of clients, and operates extremely efficiently on 25% of the number of staff, maximising our income. We’re now in the process of replicating the above across our other schemes.

Daniel Hobson

Risk Alliance Limited

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