Security, Backup & Availability


At SchemeServe we’re proud to be data compliant to ISO standard 9001:2015, using a hosting platform to ISO 27001.

This affords you the peace of mind that you’re using a system that’s secure to the highest standards of the industry, protecting your data from unwarranted access, breaches, attacks, and other threats to integrity.

Using trusted and secure third-party suppliers, our system is regularly scanned to ensure both ongoing compliance and that all facets of the software are up-to-date; critical in maintaining the utmost security.

With a fully-controlled staff-level security function, you always have the facility to ensure that data is only accessed by those who’ve been enabled, while military-grade encryption and multi-level authentication features provide access security that goes above and beyond industry standards.


As a cloud-based system, using enterprise level software, you have the peace of mind that your data and information is always backed-up and easily retrieved in the event of a disruption to service.

In compliance with industry standards, we provide a robust disaster recovery process in the unlikely event of a major catastrophe. Stored and encrypted within a cloud-server, your data will be protected and safe, and able to be retrieved from any location by any authorised user.

In addition, we make up-to-the-minute back-ups on all transactions, as well as a daily back-up of all company data. With additional back-ups made weekly, and stored at an off-site location, each tested regularly to ensure their security and effectiveness, we take a robust, serious, ‘belts-and-braces’ approach to your data. So that we can offer the highest level of protection.



We understand that any downtime of a system can be a costly problem to a business. That’s why operate on multiple servers within the UK and across Europe. This means that, should one server or datacentre fail at any time, your system will be unaffected, as your system will be operating upon a parallel server which will kick in automatically.

Using load-balancing technology we ensure that your system remains working optimally for you, even if there’s a technical failure in one element of the system. It’s a versatility that enables your system to cope with heavy loads; as we can deploy additional servers to cope, as you need it.

Our system is set up to ensure that you receive your software and online services at the greatest speeds, while having peace of mind, that, even when things go awry, your system will be robust to cope, and for operations to continue.

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We use ex-underwriters and insurance specialists in our Obsessive Support(tm) team so we speak your language.

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ISO Level Security

Security & Data Availability are at the core of our platform development and staff training programmes.

99.99% Up Time

Our platform uptime is second-to-none and uptime history available for your persual at any time.

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Fantastic Response

Fantastic response to deal with an issue at midnight! To resolve a problem in 2 hours of reporting, and also being out of hours, did really impress me! Now get some sleep!

Paul Wheeler

– Managing Director at Bradsure

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