The ABCs of SchemeServe’s new API Builder

  Angelique   |   19th November 2020 - 4 min read

Technology | Insurance

This week we launched our new API Builder! For those not in the know, ‘API’ is an acronym that stands for application programming interface and consists of code that allows to programmes to ‘talk’ to one another. Our particular API is aimed at brokers and allows them to effectively add any API to products themselves without needing any additional development. This is ground-breaking because not only will it save money but time as well. And brokers will feel empowered to do it themselves. Simple but powerful, APIs are widely heralded as the key to designing customer centric policies with minimal questions sets and enabling more accurate underwriting and pricing.  Our new API Builder can help brokers easily get third party data in and out of a platform.  So, for example, this might include data from Companies House, or food hygiene ratings from the Food Standards Agency for certain commercial schemes including commercial combined policies.  Marine applications will be transformed! With the right API integrations, customers only need to give the shipping number and all other data fields can be populated automatically.  These are just some examples of the power of APIs.  The possible integrations across most lines are endless.  There are plenty of advantages to our new API builder. Getting automated access to the data speeds things up for the end customer, informs the underwriting for accurate pricing and improves customer relationships, giving MGAs and insurers an easy way to innovate and differentiate themselves in the market.

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If you’d like to see changes or have any special requests, we’re all ears. The API builder was forged as a result of MGAs and insurers increasingly asking us for custom API integrations. We’re happy to listen to our customers and give them what they want. So, we decided to build a simple ‘DIY’ system that allows our insurance industry customers to integrate with any API themselves.  Now there’s no more lengthy design schedules or costly projects that run over time and budget…they simply choose their API and hook it up.  We have a recipe book of the most common and requested APIs, but the sky is the limit really.Insurers have been using APIs for years in a limited fashion, but the API Builder uses ‘REST APIs’ that offer greater possibilities and speed.  If you’re looking to innovate your brokerage business to be more customer centric, or to save time and improve efficiency to maximise income from niche areas then our API builder can help you do just that. 

What else can you look forward to?

The API builder is not the only innovation we’ll be launching over the next 12 months. Our highly experienced team of developers and web designers have exciting UI and UX capabilities that promise to transform the schemes market.  SchemeServe may be celebrating its 20th anniversary in the midst of a pandemic but this is not stopping us from finding ways for brokers and MGA’s to embrace technology to make the experience for customers and easy and smooth one. With businesses to stand out from the crowd we believe firmly that embracing tech to differentiate yourself is one way to ensure that you survive 2020 and beyond. Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay  

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