Warrington Worldwide – The search for the perfect software for insurance companies is over.

10th July 2019

Warrington Worldwide - In her recent article in Warrington Worldwide, "The search for the perfect software for insurance companies is over", journalist Hannah Skentelbery looks at who takes care of insurance companies.

She asks: "Insurance companies look after us all the time. But the real question is: Who looks after them in return?". Now you might think that insurance companies, including brokers and MGAs, are loaded with money, and of some of the big names are, but Hannah describes how insurance is sold, and the amount of work that goes into the service at different points of the profession.

She talks about the question of 'How do insurance companies sell' and 'How can insurance software improve an agency's performance?'

She holds up SchemeServe as being particularly good for insurance companies and highlights our ability to be able to create inviting and engaging online platforms and generally look after the partners we work with. We can do this in weeks, rather than months. Everything is backed up in a compliant manner and protected by our Obsessive Support team, who are themselves ex-underwriters so understand the pain!

you can read her article here

You can also see for yourself what our partners think of us directly here

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