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Discover the insurance software that gives you the freedom to build, design and manage your own schemes.

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Software that can be tailored to any need.

Obsessive SupportTM

Same day support from industry expert ‘Wunderwriters’.


Build your own products in days.
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Unbeatable uptime

99.99% uptime on average throughout 2022.

Chock-a-block full of features to empower your team.

Automated reports

Custom reports that run automatically, and get sent to your inbox. Easy peasy.

Change rates & docs for free

Make changes yourself, or ask our Obsessive Support Team to help. We’ll always make small changes the same day, and for free.

Cloud-based software

Use SchemeServe anywhere*, any time, and on any device. *May not be suitable for astronauts or scuba divers.

Flexible question sets

Build your own questions sets out of the box, and edit them in real time.

Beautiful 'get quote' journey

Make it yours. Use our Engineers to build a stunning easy-to-use ‘get quote’ journey for your end customers.

Digit Accounting Suite

No more double keying, plus flexible commission withdrawal and the freedom to view your Trial Summary and Trial Balance in an instant.

The most Obsessive Support service you’ll never need.

It’s a shame really… all these ex-underwriters moulded into unstoppable tech gurus, just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.

You wont need us. But if you do, you’ll hear from us the same day. Guaranteed.

Yep, we've been busy over the last 30 days...

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Any size. Any scheme. Any need.

Straight out of the box

Award-winning Obsessive Support available directly.

Design your own question-sets, and edit them in real time.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Unbeatable uptime at 99.99%.

Change rates and docs yourself (and for free!).

Case study - 'A 290% growth in GWP'

In the last three years NBS Underwriting has grown from £19m to £91m (GWP). SchemeServe has enabled NBS to quickly build and tailor products to emerging customers needs - such as launching a new unoccupied property quote and buy in just 14 days and winning the Gold for this initiative at the Insurance Times Awards in 2022.

“With SchemeServe we can build new schemes in a fraction of the time and change documents, rates, rules, and terms almost instantly, something that proved to be essential as we embarked on a journey of rapid growth.”

Software that loves hard.

Read more about our carbon negative promise, and commitment to strong ESG standards here.

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