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Corporate Governance Policy

SchemeServe Boards

SchemeServe operates a Board of Directors, and Advisory Board. Both boards enable the company to have accountability regarding its direction, financial health, employee welfare and team morale.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is comprised of relevant and experienced consultants within the industry, who can offer useful insight. The board meets weekly and is chaired by the SchemeServe Chief Executive Officer, who is also responsible for onboarding new members. 

All board members are invited to Team Retreats and play an active part in advising and steering employees and teams where needed. This may take the form of regular zoom meetings, as well as in-person meetings at Team Retreats.

Board of Directors 

The SchemeServe Board of Directors meets weekly and is comprised of current employees who have been chosen for their experience, loyalty, and expertise. 

Board members must adhere to company Core Values and conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner as set out in the company Employment Contract. The Board is chaired by SchemeServe CEO, and founder, Adam Bishop. 

It is not standard for employees to receive any extra renumeration for standing on the Board of Directors.

Conflicts of interest

Board members are responsible for declaring any conflict of interests that may compromise their judgement, decisions, or actions when on the Board.

Ethical guidelines

Members will adhere to ethical guidelines set out in the SchemeServe Employment Contract, as well as adhere to the Equal Opportunities Policy in regard to diversity and inclusion practices.

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