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Non-Profit & Volunteering Policy

Employee charity days

  • As a company we aim to help, rather than hinder the World. We recognise that altruism and giving back to our communities is an important and fulfilling way to do this. 
  • All staff are encouraged to volunteer their time and skills towards a charitable cause or non-profit. Should they wish, they can use 1 paid weekday each month to volunteer for a charity or charitable project of their choosing. This can be taken as one whole day or split into two half days.

Annual company fundraising

  • SchemeServe aims to organize one event each year, that raises funds for a charity close to the company’s Core Values. This may be a team activity, sporting event, sponsored event etc. In 2021, we fundraised for Rewilding Britain by taking part in Tough Mudder!
  • An option of events and activities will be given, to ensure it caters for all abilities. 
  • Votes will be taken for each charity considered and funds transferred through Just Giving.

Give as you earn

  • Employees can sign up to our ‘Give as you earn’ scheme. A scheme that enables staff to donate to charities of their choosing, without paying tax. Employees can enquire about this through our HR representative.

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